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All-inclusive Holidays: How to Get the Best Deal

All inclusive holidays are a great concept if you’re on a budget. As the price of the holiday usually includes all food and drink as well as your accommodation, it means that you won’t be spending a fortune eating in over-priced restaurants or drinking in expensive bars full of tourists.

Consider that normally if you are travelling abroad your flight and airport transfer should be included in the price. It is worth thinking over the transportation costs as they might be a huge expense.

Once you reach your holiday destination your hotel should provide you with breakfast, lunch and an evening meal each day plus drinks and many all-inclusive deals include snacks and bar drinks too. There are often activities included such as kids’ clubs, water sports and evening entertainment.

How to find an all-inclusive holiday

Many well-known package holiday companies offer all-inclusive options. If you drop into a high street travel agent you will find plenty of brochures to choose from featuring a range of destinations.

These days many of us book holidays online. If you put “all-inclusive holidays” into a search engine, adding a destination if you have one in mind, you should find a long list of options. You could visit the website of individual package holiday companies or go to a comparison website where you will find a range of holidays from many different companies.

What to look for in an all-inclusive holiday

First of all, are you looking for a family holiday or a romantic getaway as a couple?

If you want a family holiday, check whether children’s clubs and activities are included in the price. Also, consider whether snacks such as ice cream are included – the cost of an ice cream cone each day for two or three children can add up through the week.

If you’re booking an all-inclusive holiday for you and your partner, you may prefer to spend the week at an adults-only resort. The food and drink will be targeted at a more mature clientele and you’re less likely to get splashed by kids playing as you sip your cocktail on your sun lounger by the pool. Adults-only resorts often feature spas and health clubs, although you may have to pay extra to use them.

How to get the best deal

Booking an all-inclusive holiday is no different from booking any other type of holiday – it is still worth shopping around to get the best deal.

Choosing your holiday and booking it well in advance can entitle you to early bird discounts such as free child places. If you’re booking as a couple and don’t mind where you go, you could gamble on a late booking with a reduced price, but just bear in mind that you will need at least 2 weeks time for visa if you are going abroad for a holiday.

Comparison websites are fiercely competitive and you may find you can book the same holiday on a comparison website slightly cheaper than booking it directly with the package holiday company. Just make sure you check all the terms and conditions as they may differ from those offered by the holiday company.

Finally, come up with a shortlist and compare what is actually included in the all-inclusive holiday. You may find that what appears to be a better-priced holiday would work out more expensive in the end as less food and drink and fewer activities are included in the price.

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