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Our Helpful Guide To: Finding & Booking Airport Transfers

The hotel and flights are booked now all you need to sort out are the airport transfers. However you plan to get to and from the airport our independent guide allows you to compare all the options available, as well as offering tips on how to keep costs down.

OPTION 1: Taxi Airport Transfers

If you’ve left it late and haven’t got enough time to organise a train or coach then a taxi is the only option you’ve got left, although it is also the most expensive however most convenient option available. By taking a cab to the airport you can pay as much as £80 if you travel from central London, and if you take a black cab from the airport you’ll also be charged a £7 ‘meeting fee’ on top of your fare. This method of travel really is only worth using if money is not an issue.

OPTION 2: Coach Airport Transfers

Take the strain away and avoid having to lug your suitcases on and off platforms by travelling on a coach. Companies such as National Express and EasyBus run regular services to all the major UK airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead). As it is a shared vehicle you may have to wait untill all passengers arrive and have few more stops. Prices will obviously depend on how many passengers are travelling with you and how far you’ve got to travel to the airport, but you should be able to pick up a single from as little as £6.

OPTION 3: Train Airport Transfers

A much faster, but more expensive way of getting from your front door to the airport – particularly if you have to take a taxi or bus to the station. Most London airports provide their own direct service out of Paddington, Victoria or London Kings Cross. Using these services can set you back more than £20 for a single in some cases. If you don’t fancy that you can compare operators as on some routes, particularly in London, are operated by more than one company so comparing operators will let you see which one is offering best ticket price. You can also get a 34% discount on your fares if you have a rail card.

OPTION 4: London Underground and Buses

The cheapest way of travelling to the airport is either using the tube or taking the bus. Depending on which station you leave from prices can vary, but investing in off-peak tickets or if you have a pay as you go Oyster card can ensure you’ll get the cheapest possible tickets.

Use a comparison website

Sites like Travel Supermarket and Transfers4U allow you to search through a range of different deals covering different types of transfers to see who is offering the best price. Looking at previous customer reviews will give you an even better insight into which companies are worth investing in.


Plan Ahead: By pre-booking coaches, trains or taxis you will not only save money, especially if you can take advantage of any promotional fares, it will also guarantee you transfers. Don’t leave it to the last minute otherwise your options will be limited and you will likely have to pay more.

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