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A consumer’s guide to airport car hire

If you’re soon to be travelling abroad then there are plenty reasons why you may need a hire car to meet you at the airport. In this article we guide you through hiring a car at the airport.

How airport car hire works

When you’re flying abroad finding a car hire company on arrival can prove to be troublesome. Not only do you need to contend with another language, but you also need to find your way there by public transport or taxi. Similarly there may be instances where you need a car hire for you return to the country. In either situation car hire can be arranged so wherever you arrive, be it home or abroad, they’ll be a car waiting for you.

Chauffeur versus self drive

If you’re planning on hiring a car to take you from the airport directly to an important meeting or other commitment you can chose between self drive or chauffeur (which may be more suitable if you’ve been on a long flight and feel too tired to drive). Chauffeur driven cars are usually at the higher end of car models. Additionally, many airport car hire companies offer the option of having items ready and waiting for you (such as paperwork or clothing) you simply need to provide the information in your itinerary when booking.

Airports and airport car hire

Generally there are very few airports that won’t be covered by one car rental company or another. Check online if you’re uncertain as to what’s available for your airport.

Getting the best deal on airport car hire

Searching online

Searching online will help ensure that you get the best deal possible. There are literally hundreds of different airport car hire companies so searching online and checking individual websites will give you the best idea as to the average prices. You may also find that at certain times of the year there are special offers, so see if these fit around your times of travel. You might find some special offers and save on certain fees, but always read the fine print and the company's policies and double check before confirming your booking.

Negotiating if you’re a frequent user

If you use car hire frequently then it may be worthwhile calling the provider directly. In this instance you may be able to negotiate better terms as you’ll, in effect, be buying in bulk.

Using the same company

Chopping and changing between providers may see you being able to take advantage of offers, but you need to think about the fact that the companies won’t be accustomed to special arrangement, such as itineraries. This can mean that you trade price for convenience.

Checking online reviews

Checking the company you’re looking at on consumer review websites will help you in ensuring the company has a good track record of being on time and providing well maintained cars.

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