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Who are we?
We are five friends, not professional reviewers, with a combined age of 165 (that's 29+36+33+40+27). We are not expert reviewers or the most qualified people in the world, but we are honest and only blog about something we have a genuine need to buy, use or visit.

Ryan, our main reviewer, is aged 29. He's eager to explore the world and all its bits and pieces that come with it. Everything that bothers the life of a young adult - moving, insurance, broadband, cars had already crossed his life and he's got a lot to advise about it all.

Velichko is a 36 year old man who is looking for a bit of extra excitement in his life. This is how he joined us - to do something on the side of his main job as a financial advisor. He's got a background of diplomas and courses in Finance.

Steven is the adventurous type. He likes to travel to/through distant countries, explore the nature and enjoy life as it is. He's just 33 but he knows quite a lot about things you wouldn't imagine that exist. You'll find his articles very interesting and showing a complete different point of view as opposed to an average British born and bred guy of this age.

Our oldest member is Kirk. He's 40 but as he keeps saying - "Life begins at 40". His creative way of thinking brings a fresh and different wave in our website. He's very good with his hands - from bird houses to actual houses, he will be the guy to help with all DIY stuff needed on this blog.

The youngest reviewer - James - is 27 years old. He's just finished with his masters degree in software engineering and decided to start his own blog. By the time he gets all the knowledge needed for his own, we are happy to have him on our team.

We do not claim to have expert opinion, but we claim it is ours and it is based on our experience so hope that you will find our reviews thorough and complete to your tastes. 
Ryan, Velichko, Steven, Kirk and James


About us

We are five friends, not professional reviewers, with a combined age of 161 (that's 25+40+35+37+24).


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