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How to get the best TV Packages around

When it comes to TV packages there are so many to choose from, which can make it a little overwhelming. Naturally, all TV providers claim they have the best deal for you, but what should you really be looking for when shopping for your TV Package? How can you make sure you’ve found the best possible deal to suit your needs? Read our TV Package shopping list to find out.

Get a Bundle for your Money

Most providers offer bundles that include a wide choice of channels and packages, along with other areas such as internet and/or phone calls. Before you commit, take some time to review your current package usage, looking at the services you use most and those you use infrequently or never. Considering what you do and don’t use will help you to tailor a better suited package for your next purchase. For example, if you pay the full premium price for all channels, internet and phone, but only actually watch a handful of channels, and never even use the landline, you should consider changing the package or provider. It may sound like an obvious point, but it is definitely worthwhile figuring out what will actually benefit you, rather than what just sounds like a great deal.

The Price Is Right

As always, price is an important factor when it comes to buying TV packages. You want to ensure you receive competitive pricing in line with other providers, as well as good value for money. However, don’t just choose your TV package based on price. More often than not, too many people fall for the sales pitch offering the all singing, all dancing package witheverything, but the kitchen sink. However, in reality they probably only use half the package benefits, and are not getting the best value in terms of cost vs usage. Take the time to shop around and see what different types of packages are available with each provider and weigh up the usage vs cost element to decipher what will be the best value for your money.

Customer Service

At the time of purchase, this may not seem like a deal breaker, but if you run into problems with your package or technical issues after you buy, you want to know that you will receive the same excellent level of service that made you buy from them in the first place. Take the time to research the level of customer service and support for each provider, so you can have peace of mind that you are a valued customer.

With so much choice, definitely don’t make any rash decisions. The top providers all have pros and cons. For instance Sky has one of the most extensive choices around, with monthly packages starting at £21.50. Whereas Virgin can also offer a wide choice of channels and excellent broadband from as little as £11.10 a month. And TalkTalk is equally competitively priced at £15.50 per month, with a large choice of digital channels and Freeview pause, record and rewind. Now all you need to decide is which one has the best package for you.

Top Providers of TV Packages

- Sky - Sky Entertainment TV + package - includes a wide variety of TV channels including music, sports and documentary ones.You can also add many kids' channels. For a small fee you can enjoy Sky multiroom - so you can watch different channels in different rooms in the same household.

- Virgin - wide variety of bundles for every budget. Every package comes with new set-top box, the V6, which has 1TB of storage and can record up to 6 programmes at a time.

- BT TV - they offer 3 TV packages: Starter + BT Sport, Entertainment Plus and Total Entertainment. Each one has at least 80 channels and you have the option to add Sky Tv channels.

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