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Here you will find the musings of a very opinionated group of friends. Please forgive the slightly random nature of the subject matter. We will try to keep it as orderly as possible, but we make no apologies for only writing about what we are interested in. We hope you find our words easy to read and helpful.

We are five friends, not professional reviewers. However, we feel we know a lot about the products we voice an opinion on. We have easily enough experience of the subject to have an opinion and to be able to offer advice and help before you make your decisions.

We genuinely welcome your comments - especially if they are constructive :). If you would like to write your own review to add further details to one of our existing articles or to even oppose our view then this is most welcome and, subject to editorial review, we will publish it. We will be glad to know what topics you are interested in and will wait for your suggestions. We are eager to learn and find out more about new technolgies, new services and products and to share it with you.

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We are five friends, not professional reviewers, with a combined age of 161 (that's 25+40+35+37+24).


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